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Welcome to the Heatheridge 6th Ward Nest Builders Group, a vibrant and inclusive community of young married couples, whether you have small children or not. Our primary objective is to foster a supportive and nurturing environment where members can connect, socialize, and strengthen their relationships. This website serves as the hub for those activities.


As Nest Builders, we understand the joys and challenges of married life and parenting, and we believe that coming together as a ward community can make these experiences even more rewarding. Our community is built on mutual support, where couples can share their experiences, seek advice, and find comfort in knowing they are not alone in their journey.

One of the aspects of our community is setting up playdates for children, encouraging them to interact, learn, and grow together in a safe and fun-filled environment. Additionally, we are dedicated to giving back to society through various community service initiatives, making a positive impact on the world around us.

Building a strong ward starts with building strong relationships, and we are thrilled to welcome you into the Nest Builders family. Join us on this fulfilling journey of connection, support, and service as we create "nests" and a ward community that thrive on love and togetherness.


Forming a close-knit group of young married couples with or without small children can be a rewarding experience that fosters friendships, love, care, and support for one another. Here are some steps and ideas that may help to bring Nest Builder families together:

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Establish regular meetings: Set up a schedule for regular meet-ups, whether it's a monthly brunch, a weekly walk in the park, or a bi-weekly dinner at someone's home.

Fun & Interesting
Group Activities

Organize casual get-togethers, such as barbecues, picnics, or game nights, where couples can come together and get to know each other in a relaxed setting

Kids' Playdates

Organize playdates. Hosting playdates at different members' homes or local parks can create a fun and interactive environment for children to socialize and play while allowing parents to connect and support each other.

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Support Life Events

Celebrate milestones, birthdays, anniversaries, and other significant life events together. Similarly, be there to offer support during challenging times, providing a network of caring friends to lean on.

Communicate Through Chats

Securely chat to keep everyone connected between in-person meetings. This platform can be used to share updates, plan events, or simply chat and support each other.

Helping Hands Commuity Service

We'll also find fulfillment in lending our hands to special community service opportunities to make a positive impact in our local neighborhoods.

Oh, steadfast souls, architects of love's design,

A young couple, united by a love divine.

With small children nestled within your care,

You embark on a journey, a bond beyond compare.

Together you build a nest, a haven so warm,

A sanctuary where love weathers any storm.

With tender hands, you fashion walls of trust,

And weave dreams into every nook and crust.

In this nest, your children's laughter takes flight,

Filling the air with melodies, pure and bright.

Through sleepless nights and fears that may arise,

Your love shelters, where hope never dies.

But beyond the confines of your cozy space,

Lies a community, where young hearts embrace.

Gathered together, young couples share their tales,

In the ebb and flow of friendship, a bond prevails.

Within these connections, wisdom resides,

Experiences shared, a tapestry that collides.

Each couple brings lessons learned through strife,

And through these exchanges, they enrich each

other's life.

Through the joys and challenges, they lend an ear,

Guiding one another, helping hearts steer.

In each success celebrated, dreams come alive,

Their bonds strengthen, as love continues to thrive.


For as they build their nests, side by side,

They also forge friendships, forever to abide.

​Sharing laughter, advice, and hopes that gleam,

They create a community, like a vibrant dream.

So, young married couples, take heart and take heed,

In each other's company, you will find what you need.

As you build your nests and shape love's great art, Remember, together you're stronger, never apart.

May your connections flourish, bonds forever endure,

As you learn, grow, and build lives so pure.

For in the company of kindred spirits, you'll find,

A tapestry of love, woven, forever entwined.

To the young married couple, embracing love's call,

May your nest grow richer, surrounded by all.

In the fellowship of others, you'll learn and grow,

Building lasting relationships, hearts all aglow.




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